Our spacious studio is located in a beautiful old building in the centre of Warsaw. We’re constantly adjusting our space to best fit the needs of creative processes - both while working with clients, and while working alone.
We’re firm believers in maintaining a work-life balance, so we try to create a comfortable space well prepared for both work and relaxation. If you want to take break from working, feel free to browse through a magazine, read or borrow a book, play board games, or enjoy the sunshine on one of our balconies overlooking the Palace of Culture.
We make a good team and we’re passionate about what we do - but it’s not the only thing we have in common. Some of us have known each other for decades and went from colleagues to friends (in one case, to neighbors even) and then reconnected professionally in MIŁO. Effective team work is a big deal, so we feel like it’s okay to brag about it (but only because we’re really good at it). We know how to work well together, we help each other when there’s need to do so, and we celebrate each other’s successes.